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It is a map that was done through a collective effort. The mappers are ones who are knowledgeable in charting Beat Saber maps and well known at the time of the upload. Overall feel of the map is challenging, full of patterns that won't let us feel bored throughout the whole duration of 5 minutes+, but it definitely could use some improvements. I personally am not able to feel the synergy at full potential. Although I am not one who is fussy about lighting, one comment I will write is the rotation of lighting can possibly be matched to player's head movement (left, right). There are numerous flow breaking pattern, a pattern with vision blocking notes, and most noticeably the flow is not enjoyable in my opinion. People who find happiness in beating songs WILL find it enjoyable but that does not necessarily mean the map could not have been better, especially when I am expecting synergy between the mappers to go as close to 100% as possible.

Mapper: Hexagonial

From one collaboration to the next, Cycle Hit makes an appearance in Beat Saber!
Inspired by popular rhythm game artists DJ Genki, Camellia, and C-Show working together to create an amazing song, skilled mappers for Beat Saber banded together to create an amazing chart!

=== Expert+ ===
1-212 (DJ Genki) done by Mystikmol
212-374 (Camellia) done by Hexagonial
374-582 (C-Show) done by BlackBlazon
582-822 (KASAI) done by Fayhe
822-925 (KASAI pt. 2) done by Fromen
Lighting done by Moriik and Fromen.

=== Expert (Still as difficult as an Expert+!) ===
All notes by Hexagonial
Lighting by Moriik and Fromen

– Fromen for doing a lot of the json edits (and helping me fix my part A LOT). This collaboration may not have happened without you.
– All collaborators: if even one of us was missing, this chart wouldn’t be as amazing. Thank you all for participating!
– Bion, TheBagel3, LeBandit915, Jackishere21, and Shonzo for trying out the chart while it was in development.


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