Blue Öyster Cult – Veteran of the Psychic Wars

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Mapper: stormknight

“Veteran of the Psychic Wars” is the third track from Blue Öyster Cult album “Fire of Unknown Origin,” released in 1981. Many people will remember this as the song that opens into the story “Harry Canyon” in the movie Heavy Metal, also released in 1981. While the band wrote more for the movie, only this song made it into the final cut.

It was written by the lead singer of the band, Eric Bloom, and the British author Michael Moorcock, who is famous for the Elric of Melniboné saga, as well as the concept of the Eternal Champion. The song is written from the point of view of the Eternal Champion, as he laments his fate; eternally fighting, while struggling with the physical and emotional wounds of the Eternal Struggle for The Balance against Law and Chaos.

This is the second song of three the band and Moorcock wrote together, the first being “Black Blade,” and the third being “The Great Sun Jester.”

This song is my favorite from this band. It’s presented in colors taken from the album.

Thanks to my playtesters: Emotional Flight, BrightKnight, and Cyrix!


Difficulty: Expert
Total Notes: 979
Notes Per Second: 3.34
NJS: 18
Offset: 0.0
BPM: 86

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