Hexagonial J-Pop

Kano – Walk This Way!

Difficulties Expert+
92 44

Mapper: Hexagonial

Hello! Hello!

To put it simply, Packet Hero Redux. This map is dedicated to those who were somehow able to enjoy the one saber patterns in Packet Hero. However, if you didn’t enjoy them like most of the Beat Saber player base, ignore this map.

NJS is set to 14. Brutal ending as always.

Big thanks to players who have supported my mapping so far, even if 90% of players can’t enjoy my maps. I have some songs planned for the future that I hope everyone can enjoy, but ~4+ minute maps that are insanely hard aren’t going away!

Edit: yeah so this turned out a lot harder than I thought, i forgot this was 24 bpm higher than packet hero oops
Edit 2:


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