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Realize – Konomi Suzuki (dj-Jo Remix ft. Uneh) [Re:Zero OP3]

Difficulties Easy Expert+
107 10
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Mapper: Bytrius

Been a while since my last map, sorry about that! I’ll be long gone for a while working on a massive project that will probably take me a couple months. I’ll try and map some one-offs here and there to keep you guys entertained tho!

I think this is one of my weirder maps but I honestly love how it flows and looks. I already mapped Realize hours after it came out, but there was something about this one that really made me wanna improve what I already did. Also, yeah, I cut the track to a shorter length because I didn’t like the part after the main drop, and it felt like it dragged on and didn’t fit with the rest of the track.

Anyway, as always,

e n j o y

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