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The Ding Dong Song (The Crazy Frogs)

Difficulties Expert+
16 9

Mapper: porcuspine

Only supports expert+ difficulty. Sightlines are intact for most of the song, but memorization will be required for mastery. Generally focuses on saber flow and is not impossible to sightread for the experienced player.

I found that my previous work, Hamster Dance, was way too repetitive. Both that song and The Ding Dong Song are basically two phrases repeated indefinitely, sometimes under a modification or remix. This causes trouble for charting, as I want to stay consistent with rhythmic motifs, but I would not be proud of a chart that is just copy-pasted the whole way through. I tried to introduce as many patterns as I could without the song feeling like a collection of random garbage. Also, unlike Hamster Dance, I’ve been more mindful of player stamina, especially after repeated attempts; there is only one pattern that I felt burns into my arms, and so I tried to use it sparingly. Hopefully, it provides a challenge without destroying the player’s endurance.

Here’s the debut video:

(Also, the second half of the video at 2:18 shows the song in the editor so you can follow along without my shaky head camera)

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