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TYR – Hold The Heathen Hammer High

Difficulties Expert Expert+
73 16
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TYR's hammer will crush your arms by the time you're done!

I reviewed expert as I am not so experienced in expert+.  However even though hitting all the notes in this map will tire a traditional expert player out. It is a heavy song and one that was done very well. Aside from readability issues in the chorus, the notes are fluid and placed well everywhere else. I do not recommend however using custom colors that look really similar (I use blue and purple, it looks nice, sue me).

Overall, this map is solid, while not the best and its expert being borderline expert+, it is still good pick to have for anyone that loves to destroy their arms while getting whiplash from furiously head banging.

Mapper: G3No

Reuploaded for a fix.
a folk metal song, enjoy!

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