Beta – (Camellia’s “BlAst-Off” remix)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
413 88
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Mapper: Kuurama_

Little edit : Some people think i only downmapped the Vilawes version to rank mine, it’s untrue as this version is the one i made and vilawes wanted to buff it to make her own expert plus, my beta as a result would have been an expert diff, but i still made the whole map myself, thanks (she canceled our collab for her version you can find on her beatsaver).
Huge Thanks to all people who modded and playtested the maps.
Special thanks to Cerret who helped a lot for QAT, also thanks Ptotpa, Bantalope and Fatbeanzoop.
Thanks Vred_0 for the insane audio
I you think i am a bad mapper or just want to say me something, here is my discord, please be gentle : Kuurama#3423
Just one thing, this map was open for feedback since March, i got a huge tone of feedback and made the map out of those, i don’t think there is much to complain on this “map” as it’s not mapped for pp (i could have made it harder or shit), i know some hate the speed but that’s not a reason to downvote a map as this one got mapped carefully ^^ thanks.

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