Astral Chain – Savior (Opening Theme)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
17 2
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Mapper: io_


The walls are manually done because I can’t script at all. I wish I can. The only difference is the spawn distance modifier because the walls won’t work if I don’t set it to one.

Expert (No Walls)

Notes: 935
Bpm: 100
Notes/Second: 4.4
Njs: 20
Sdm: 0

Expert+ (Walls)

Notes: 935
Bpm: 100
Notes/Second: 4.4
Walls: 2997
Njs: 20
Sdm: 1

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. sephusTheSecond says:

    I tried playing this song on a Quest 1, and it infinitely spins while trying to load the menu that would let you play the song in game. I have the Mapping Extensions installed, which the song seems to need, but it still doesnt work.

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