Shadow of Intent – The Gathering of All (feat. Aleksandr Shikolai) (Reclaimer 6/12)

Difficulties Expert Expert+
2 1

Mapper: olfah

Reuploaded. you saw nothing…
yikes sorta describes this map well.

this was something i was really hesitant to upload. well, please down vote me regardless 🙂

Probably my worst map in the series. if anyone wants to message me about reuploading/remaking this and putting it onto their own account, message me at [CANA]Dan IS 219278#9278. you can use the timings i have here.
Infact, if anyone wants to do that for any of my maps, hit me up.

I have done every song in the Reclaimer album. If you are interested, you can find them by clicking “More by this mapper” or by searching for the Reclaimer album.


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