Kodachrome – Paul Simon [Chroma]

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A Beautiful Map

I love this song choice, an unexpected one for BS, and one that TechButterfly has made work beautifully for the game. As always, he has crafted an engaging map with perfect flow and timing and interesting combos that really let you get lost in the music!

TechButterfly couldn't have chosen a better song for his first Chroma map - the explosion of colour for the chorus of this song is mesmerizing and when it got to the line about the greens of summer and my field of vision filled with  glorious shades of green, I got goosebumps. Actual goosebumps! Not only does this map perfectly fit the music, but it perfectly fits the lyrics as well, which enhances the experience of playing it even more.

Also love that TechButterfly mapped a wide range of diffs so everybody can have a chance to experience this beautiful map! Thanks for another amazing one, TechButterfly!

Mapper: techbutterfly

Another oldie but oh so goodie! It’s Paul Simon’s 1973 hit, Kodachrome! I was 13 when this song came out, and it’s been a favorite of mine my whole adult life. Whether you grew up with it too, or it’s your first time hearing it, I hope you have fun whacking blocks to this fun classic tune!

This is my first Chroma map! If you don’t have Chroma installed (or are on a Quest, which doesn’t have Chroma), you’ll see the default colors. But if you have Chroma, you’ll see some fun color changes as you play! Get Chroma – there are tons of great maps that use it to deliver next-level lighting!

Normal, Hard, and Expert Standard, and Expert Plus 360 levels.

Big thanks to Maybeemae and MP for playtesting!


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