You Suck At Love – Simple Plan (Nightcore)

Difficulties Expert
10 7

Mapper: m.k-plays

I Dunno if this is good or bad but i think it’s okay but i have not mapped in a bit

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. tom_606 says:

    As a big Simple Plan fan and an audiophile I feel…. offended.
    I personally hate nightcore and it hurt me to hear Pierre Bouvier’s voice so destroyed by this.
    I’m not a mapper expert, I just rate it by how i feel it, and this mapping felt off to me.
    But what’s the worst – it’s badly cut! How can you upload a totally unfinished mapping? How does it not hurt your ears when the song ends like… this??
    Don’t get me wrong, i like that you tried to make something, especially when it’s a song from my most favorite brand, but please, pretty please, try a non-nightcore version – as the nightcore version is just way faster, the original will be easier to map and also to play. And finish it. Or at least cut it well. But just, not like this.
    For example, the Simple Plan – Welcome to my Life has a pretty good mapping, too easy if you play it for the 100th time like I did, but it’s still nice.

    Please, try it again.
    Best of luck,

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