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Rocket League x Monstercat – Apex by Vicetone

Difficulties Hard Expert
235 35
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Apex is a Nice and Enjoyable Map that can Keep you Interested the Entire Way Through

First thing I have to say is this is a great song choice, the beat is fun as heck, and there's an easy beat to follow for mapping. This song also makes use of a variety of nice flowing and fun patterns. It even has a nice section of walls to get you moving as well. The errors are minimal, there are a few awkward parts and little to no visibility issues. There is even a building 2/3s into the song that works perfectly. The lighting goes well for the entire map.  The map makes good use of downs and diagonals without making them too over used or boring. The few crossovers in the map work and don't make you flail your arms to hit them. Overall even with some tiny errors, this map is fun and a joy to listen to.

Mapper: drb

BPM: 128

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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