Freedom Dive – xi

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Bytrius


I honestly cannot believe that nobody had taken the initiative to make a competent version of Freedom Dive… until NOW. I made 3 difficulties for this one, and none of them are very easy. This is my first Expert++ map and it requires an EXTREME AMOUNT OF STAMINA. With that said, PLEASE STRETCH BEFORE YOU PLAY THIS MAP if you are playing Expert+ or Expert++!!!!!

Thank you to Reddek, Brylanbbab, CODE_GRIFFITH, and Mas904 for playtesting these maps, your contribution to making my maps at the quality that they’re at will not go unheard! Love you guys to death <3

This is not a map for beginners to the game. This is not a map for casuals. This is a map designed to BREAK YOU.

Will you survive the Freedom Dive?
Or will you plummet to the depths of Hell?

Good luck.

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  1. ic3_1 says:

    (this is about the hard version, I’m too shit to play the expert or expert+ maps lol)

    for a map that’s uses only quarter notes for the majority of the song, including an extended section of sixteenth notes is just poor design. This is a map that I’m not able to complete despite being bored by most of it. I think the sixteenth note run at 2:53 was alright, but the long one at 3:13 just isn’t. even in practice at 80% speed I find it very difficult, and at that speed the rest of the level is just slooooooow. It’d be nicer if the difficulty ramped up slightly, but the difficulty spike of that sixteenth run at 3:13 is just random and annoying. The level would’ve been so good if it didn’t include that lol, the rest of the piano solo section was REALLY fun.

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