Addict (Hazbin Hotel) – Silva Hound ft. Michael Kovach & Chi Chi [Mapped by Faselane]

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
286 25
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Mapper: Faselane

Since I wasn’t a big fan of the current Addict Maps, I made my own!!!
This one features:
– Chroma Lighting
– “Wall Art”- and “No-Wall Art” version
– Lighting only version

Only features Expert Difficulty!

This took me a long time to make so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Original Music Video:

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Comments (5)
  1. Dandrass says:

    Nice map, but I can’t get the wallart functionning.
    I got Chroma and Mapping Extensions latest versions installed with ModAssistant

  2. jupiterrose10 says:

    I only get a black screen. Even reloading the song doesn’t work and I have to restart the game completely just to exit the song.

    1. Pyrowarfare says:

      Why would you play a difficulty that explicitly says ‘lighting only’ and expect there to be notes? Leaving a nasty review is not an acceptable response.

      Make sure your mods are up to date if you are getting black screens, specifically Chroma, Noodle Extensions, and Mapping Extensions. Either way, comments or Discord support channels are the appropriate place to ask for help with a map not loading; giving a map an unfair rating is not. Please use the BSMG Discord in the future for mod problems, and do not abuse the review function, or you will lose the right to leave reviews at all. Thanks.

      1. jupiterrose10 says:

        I wasn’t trying to… sorry. The preview did show blocks which is odd and now certain levels aren’t downloading to my Quest at all. I thought it was just this one.

        1. jupiterrose10 says:

          Also I didn’t know there was a Discord so commenting was all I could do. I also was honest and I don’t think I should be banned from commenting when I didn’t know that someone else’s level came up in the preview and there would be more lights than I could handle. I wasn’t trying to be nasty. I just worded it wrong.

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