ARuFa, Camellia, t+pazolite – Boku No Yume MECHAKUSO MUGEN WAKI (Natsuiro Matsuri Cover)

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: bagusnl

Tried to do custom lights now!
EDIT : I’m sorry for the left hand stream start PepeHands, will fix on next map/version
Preview :

by SimplyMakeIt

Length : 2:17
Notes : 866
NPS : 6.32
BPM : 145-205
Lighting : 2245

My first Camellia/t+pazolite brrr (kinda) map, also my first hololive related map!

Thanks for all the help that I got to finish this map
– Bokamin : BPM and timing
– Light Ai : NJS and offset
– Rise, i_Bu, SimplyMakeIt, emir, cccomradekatyusha : Testing and suggestions
– LemoNade, Layanmeta : Suggestions

Song links:
Original :

Matsuri Cover :

Timing used :

Software used: Audacity, MMA2,

Tags: WACCA, Camellia, t+pazolite, Natsuiro Matsuri, hololive

Any issues or feedback just DM me at bagusnl#2938

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