I want You ~반짝★반짝 Sunshine~ DJMAX

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
161 5
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Mapper: Mystikmol

Collaboration project with Dack and Soba`s! WE LOVE DJMAX!! <3

4 difficulties included!

Normal – Mystikmol
Dack's Expert – Dack
Soba`s want you(Exp+) – Soba`s
Mystikmol's Tears (Exp+) – Mystikmol

Lights by Dack and Soba`s

One of the most popular songs in DJMAX history has been remixed, and Dack, Soba`s and I have this map for you! Please enjoy it! <3 #SueeGANG

I want You ~반짝★반짝 Sunshine~ by Lin-G x Mycin.T x GOTH x jam-jam (ft. FiNE)

BPM: 165


Notes: 259
Obstacles: 14

Dack's Expert

Notes: 456
Obstacles: 0

Soba`s want you(Exp+)

Notes: 873
Obstacles: 14

Mystikmol's Tears (Exp+)

Notes: 875
Obstacles: 5

(My diff was called Mystikmol's tears cuz I deadass cried while mapping this song. The original I want You was such an important song in my childhood that hearing this remix brought me back dude.)

Thank you so much Dack and Soba`s for this collab! It was super fun!

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