SilentCaay Vocaloid

Viva Happy ft. 96neko by Mitchie M

Difficulties Expert
22 7

Mapper: SilentCaay

This beatmap has two versions: the normal Hatsune Miku version and a pretty amazing version with vocals by 96neko. Download one, the other or both! Both versions use basically the same Expert level map except for one part where I mapped the vocals and there was a slight difference in the lyrics.

It’s a mostly normal beatmap but the chorus does have a bit of choreography. I just had to have the finger guns and arm swishing in even though they defy some normal beatmap making rules (music video –

?t=1m ). Also, if you have trouble with the timing toward the end, that’s because Mr. Mitchie M changed up the timing from 1/2 beats to 3/8s beats for a lot of sections which really throws you off. Don’t blame me, I just mapped it. =P

Hatsune Miku Version (818 notes, 13 obstacles)
96neko Version (813 notes, 13 obstacles)
Full event lighting
Time – 3:30
BPM – 148

Hatsune Miku Version:


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