Good Times Roll

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This one is awful. NOT!! It’s “Awfulnaut!” Ha… ha… (ouch, that hurt a little)

Ahem, okay, it’s quiz time: What are some of the most danceable maps in Beat Saber? What’s that? Benny the what? This week Bennydabeast stepped aside and made an all lighting map while someone else picked up the "danceable map creation" gauntlet.

Awfulnaut surprised us all with one of the most fun and danceable songs in beat saber. A lot of the flow feels like it was Benny’s work, but at the same time, it has a distinct Awfulnaut quality about it.

The first thing that this map has going for it is the song. It’s just a damn fun song to dance to. The second thing is the fantastic patterns that really get you moving. The third thing is great flow. The fourth is the perfect timing. And lastly, the level design is fantastic!

Here’s how I was introduced to this song. I was working on my laptop writing some code for when my wife Megan came running into the room saying “I found an awesome map and you need to play it now!” She then “forced me” to play it right at that moment and said “I’m excited for you!". True story.

Anyway, clearly I’m not the only one who has enjoyed this. It’s sad to hear that this will be Awfulnaut’s last map for a while, but at least he went out on a bang! Download this now and tell him thanks if you get a chance!

Mapper: Awfulnaut

Be sure to check out the other difficulties! There were certain patterns that I loved that only worked for some of the difficulties, and they’re all super fun! Anyone playing Easy will find that Normal teaches you how to play harder maps while being very forgiving.

Also, I’m going on hiatus! This will be my last map for a good while since I’m back in school and also working full time. I’ll still play here and there and maybe try to map a bit, but I likely won’t release anything for several months. Hopefully this map will keep people satisfied for a while 😉

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