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Enter Sandman – Metallica (One Saber)

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Mapper: kaltern (is it?)

So here’s my first published map. I originally started this for an experiment in mapping, but it quickly turned into something playable. This is a revision of a map posted a couple hours previous – feedback has determined that a 3rd difficulty level should be added – same notemap as Expert, but with a slowed NJS. So there are now 3 difficulty levels! (It has come to light the names for the difficulties didn’t ‘stick’ – sorry about that!

I’m hoping to revive the Single Saber genre, as there are virtually no recent maps for those unable to play dual saber for whatever reason, and hopefully my maps will be accessible to all while offering a fun challenge.

Please do let me know in the comments what you think, and what other One Saber maps you’d like to see! HUGE thanks to lapras for the (many!) quality testplays.

(One Saber)

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  1. zKaltern says:

    Sorry, YT link above is a playthrough 🙂

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