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Mafumafu – Hated by Life Itself

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Mapper: Fayhe

expert+, but somewhat on the lower end.

命に嫌われている。 / 結局いつかは死んでいく。 / 君だって僕だっていつかは枯れ葉のように朽ちてく。 /
それでも僕らは必死に生きて / 命を必死に抱えて生きて / 殺してあがいて笑って抱えて。

Hated by life itself / In the end, we’ll die anyway /
You will, I will, one day all of us will rot away like fallen leaves /
But regardless, we live on frantically– / Shouldering our lives, frantically, we live– /
Killing, struggling, laughing, shouldering it all.

I absolutely love this song, I just had to make a map of it.
The lyrics are beautiful, and Mafumafu’s voice is just perfect.
I tried my best make it technical yet flowy, and I’m pretty happy with the result.
Let me know if you like it!


thanks to:
Hexagonial, OrangeW, Moriik for feedback


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