Wyxi 1.5. Speed Metal

Nordjevel – Djevelen I Nord

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Wyxi

Black metal can be really good when its not recorded with potato quality! Otherwise its what you would expect – fast, brutal and shrieking about the devil. Mapped 3 diffs from Expert++(+?) down to Expert.

Genre: Black Metal
BPM: 230
– Expert++: 3385 notes, 13.18 NPS, Full energy no stop. Playthrough:

– Expert+: 2236 notes, 8.71 NPS, 1/2 streams with 1/4 streams at drumrolls
– Expert: 1552 notes, 6.04 NPS, lots of dot notes

Lights are lightmap with some manual modifications

Special thanks to Satanclaus for playtesting!

Feedback/complaints/anything Wyxi#5211 on discord

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