Camellia – σ:for the DELTA

Difficulties Expert+
15 6

Mapper: Kuiwa

The second episode of “Mapping that I have been cucked out from ever seeing or playing due to criteria” is here.
It’s actually sad to see most maps being devoid of any rhythm, only ever being about maintaining a constant 1/2 beat to some basic up down jumps. But what else can you do with the speed and rhythm limitations of ranked really? It’s sad to see. There has been some kind of movement toward tech, but these maps will forever be irrelevant as they will be rated 8 stars at most in comparison to retard speed maps.

The criteria is already in the trash. More gallop streams, this time it’s slower at 174bpm so I decided to test with spacing and hand switches later on. Actually worked out quite well. Some chroma included to make lighting stay accurate to my creation in VRChat. Enjoy bitch

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