t+pazolite – Pumpin’ Junkies (Kobaryo’s FTN-Remix)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1232 281
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Mapper: Checkthepan


V3.01! Mismap fixes for ranked, and Vilawes has updated her difficulty as well. Also accidentally the difficulty labels.

Thanks so much to Trolav for modding and being patient with me through this mess of a song. Also big thanks to Skeelie and Scrappy for helping make it playable(?).

Contains 4 diffs going for ranked:

E+ (Vilawes) – Garbage
Ex (Checkthepan) – Junk
H (Checkthepan) – Recyclables
N (Checkthepan) – Compost

Also has a lightshow for those who aren’t a fan of their retinas, and two legacy versions of what the Ex and Hard were before nerfs.

Comments? Suggestions? Angry that your arms broke? Please send me a message on discord at Checkthepan#3316- I don’t bite!

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