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JVNA – Catch Me (Chroma RGB lights)

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Very stylish map with a strong sense of atmosphere and fantastic flow.

I had the pleasure of testplaying this map while it was still in development, and it really blew me away. Something about the imagery and the music really makes me feel like I've been transported onto a spaceship, and the map manages to get you immersed and hold you in it for the duration of the song.

The patterns are all very tasteful and do a good job of highlighting the music. The flow in particular feels natural, with a great use of stacks in the expert difficulty to emphasise the music, without clogging up the screen. Despite being challenging at times, the difficulty feels appropriate for expert and doesn't force you to pay so much attention to what you're doing, that you lose the atmosphere of the map.

The lights are definitely the highlight of the map, and are very expertly crafted. The preview does not do the map justice at all, and it must be seen in game to be fully enjoyed. The simplicity in some parts works in in the maps favour; sometimes less is more, and this mapper clearly understands that.  The colours are beautiful and blend well together, and the darker shades keep the flashier parts from being blinding or uncomfortable. The entire mood of the map is set by the lightshow, and it wouldn't be the same without it.

As a whole, the mapper really nailed everything that makes a map good, and went above in beyond to elevate this map into a truly enveloping experience. Well done, nitronik.exe!

Mapper: nitronik.exe

First time experimenting with Chroma 2.0, turned out well imo. big diff jumps from Expert+ to expert and hard, and no normal and easy but with a lightshow.

Have Chroma 2.0 installed and allow Color Overwrite in songcore for best experience.

Feedback on Discord: nitronik.exe#7974

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