Everyday – Virtual Riot ft. Yosie

Difficulties Expert Expert+
777 26
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A chill map with eye-tickling lights

Ever since I saw the lights for this map, I’ve been heavily anticipating the map to come out, and DGRJ, Ryger, and Check did not disappoint! The flow in this map is fantastic, you’re able to turn off your brain entirely and just dance to the music. On top of that, the patterns fit the song really well, which makes the map so great to play.

Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without good lights, and DGRJ  delivered! These are some of the most creative lights I’ve ever seen. There’s so much variety, despite the fact that the rings are almost exclusively used. The bright colors fit the song perfectly as well.

All these factors combined make for an amazing first map from this new mapping group, and I, for one, am very excited for any new maps to come!

Mapper: wemadethis


Wowee a new mapping team comprised of DGRJ4Life, Ryger, and Checkthepan. Whatever will they map next?!

Use Chroma ya dingus.

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