Car Bomb – Dissect Yourself

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
12 6

Mapper: Taonyl

In case you don’t know the Car Bomb, it is a progressive deathmetal/mathcore band. Their music is very chaotic and I wanted to bring that into the map. There are a total of 57 bpm changes in this map, all in less than 3 minutes. Half of the song and map consists of fairly study rythms, the other part is more of a beat timing part.
There are several parts where both hands do completely different things with different timings.
Contains three difficulties + Lighting (generated + handmade):
Hard – 4.89 nps, njs 14
Expert – 6.11 nps, njs 16
Expert+ – 8.23 nps, njs 20
I hope you like it, this is my second map and the first one I released.
I have a playthrough of the expert difficulty here:

(the map is slightly different to the released version and lightning is turned off, but the basic patterns are the same)

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