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TechButterfly has already created 57 great maps, but with this one he has again surpassed himself! The song is a great choice for Beat Saber and TechButterfly's perfect rhythm, timing and flow allow you to really feel the music. This map was so fun to pay on the 360 that I played it 12 times in a row!

There's a perfect balance of  satisfying, dramatic hits, interesting combos and challenging sequences that leave you room to dance while keeping you fully engaged. TechButterfly uses walls and bombs in a way that adds to the dance. Tech has mapped multiple difficulties so there's something for everybody and each of them is really fun to play. Add in the cool lights and the custom colours and you have one exceptional map!

Mapper: techbutterfly

It’s summertime, so you know what that means! Summer song maps! This time it’s Styx’ 2005 cover of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s 1966 classic, Summer in the City! I listened to a bunch of covers of this song – as well as the original, of course – before settling on this hard-rockin’ version! Hope you dig it too!

Normal, Hard, Expert Standard, Expert 90, and Expert Plus 360.

Big thanks to my playtesters, MP and Maybeemae!

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