Utsu-P – Ramen Shop “Grotesque” (ft. Kagamine Rin) [Fixed]

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
41 9
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Mapper: Hotsku

Ended up redoing the mapping multiple times after starting playing ranked since I wanted to practise using sliders in mapping.
I ate a LOT of noodles for inspiration.

EDIT: Feedback made me realise the riff was annoying as hell and ended up remapping certain parts of the song to be more fluid. I kept the old mapping in case somebody wants extra challenge (and extra jumps).

Also dumbass me forgot to do Expert on the first fix so I had to take it down while I fixed it (again). Enjoy!

Also realised you can add specs here:

ExpertPlus.dat: Standard “New Expert+” (Expert+ slot)

Duration: 3:45
BPM: 130

NJS: 18
Offset: 0
Half Jump Duration: 2
Jump Distance: 33.231

Total NPS: 6.04
Mapped NPS: 6.26
Peak NPS:
16 beats: 12.19
8 beats: 12.73
4 beats: 14.63

Notes: 1360
Bombs: 32
Walls: 48
Lighting: 1040

Red/Blue Ratio: 0.97
Top Notes: 21%
Middle Notes: 23%
Bottom Notes: 56%

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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