Powerwolf – Venom of Venus

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
6322 74
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Mapper: Cyrix

Back to my more regular style, Powerwolf is a power-metal band that perform around the themes of werewolves and religion, a strange but interesting mixture.

Ex+ has a no-colours mode for those who wish to play without the custom block colours, but unfortunately I can’t fit such an option for all difficulties.

Normal 1.85 NPS
Hard 3.15 NPS
Expert 4.43 NPS
Expert+ 5.11 NPS

There is no easy difficulty, as that I needed the slot for the no-colour mode.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. Tician says:

    Can only speak for the Expert diff (I am too bad for Ex+), but it’s really fun to play, Love this map!

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