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BTS – Stay Gold

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
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This elegant map boasts a beautiful lightshow and fun, fluid motions that work together to create a relaxing experience.

While this map is not super challenging, neither as a hard or an expert, it stands as a nice chill-out map for anyone looking to unwind alongside a great song. It's an absolute must for any kpop fan.

The strength of this map is definitely in its perfect emphasis. Every note feels appropriately matched to the music, which naturally serves to absorb you into the experience. I thought the handedness swaps in particular were well utilised to highlight certain lyrics and sounds.

That said, I do think pink as a right hand colour was a bit of an odd choice. Neither pink nor gold are all that bluish, and pink itself is only a shade off from red. This is a slow song, which does allow you more time to process what arm should be swinging where. However, I find that hard players in particular are still learning the muscle memory for red/blue, and forcing the player to break out of their trance to consider where they have to swing next is at odds with the nature of an easy, relaxing map.

That said, it's a relatively minor issue in the grand scheme of this map. The flow is perfect, the rhythm is fantastic, and the experience as a whole is very positive. Todai, in particular, has done a stunning lightshow. For a slow song with a lot of downtime, lights are one of the aspects in a map that can fill in that empty space, and they really nailed it. The lights were the final push that elevated this map beyond my expectations. Well done, Todai and SimplyMarvellous!

Mapper: todai

In a world where you feel cold, you gotta stay gold~

Shouts out to simplymarvellous in the kpop discord for doing the Expert difficulty for this one and aggrogahu for some great insight! Hard difficulty and lighting done by myself.

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  1. M-3NP says:

    Hey guys. what mods do i need for the quest to be able to play with the BTS platform for this map? I’m only seeing the basic default colors and platform

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