G1ll35 d3 R415 (Expert++) – Team Grimoire

Difficulties Expert+
12 3

Mapper: DankruptMemer

I really do be pulling a GHOST V1 again.

A re-imagining of Hexagonial’s classic ranked map, DankruptMemer and Moriik have come together again to create another crazy map, and push this song to the limits.

An Expert++ version was unintentionally created because of the massive difficulty spike caused by the D’n’B break in the middle of the song. Other sections were buffed slightly from the regular Expert+ version (being released later along with Easy-Expert difficulties) and sections added to eliminate rest periods, making this map quite something to complete and score well on.

We hope you enjoy this map, and stay tuned for Easy-Expert+ levels coming later.

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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