Falling – Dropgun x Asketa & Natan Chaim

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
4925 160
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Mapper: Teuflum

reupload #1 – improved the difficulty spread to not have an extreme jump between the Expert and Expert+ slot

Only some of the lower diffs changed on here, the E+ slot (Rising) is still the same as I got very positive feedback on that diff which I’m very happy about <3
The diff spread should be better now, so it is hopefully more enjoyable for all skill levels whenever it gets ranked.

original description:
haha lyrics go brrrr
just a little bit though

also I lighted manually which I haven't done for an eternity, hope you don't go blind or something

big thank you to Skeelie for modding this 🙂

Teuflum#5982 for any feedback on discord.

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  1. supahvee1234 says:

    Damn, I uploaded a clear of your old version on Expert+ with Faster Song today:

    It’s an amazing map! Gotta play through the new version now…

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