Reol – Bon-no-yu-gi

Difficulties Expert+
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Creative map with some non-standard patterns that help to elevate it to the next level.

As a relatively low-skill expert+ player, I found this map to be more of an accuracy challenge, rather than just passing being an accomplishment. There were some relatively complex hits, but none of them sacrificed comfort for difficulty. I really enjoyed the heavy vertical movement throughout the map.

As for non-standard patterns, the mapper really managed to integrate some uncommon hits, like backhanding a 'blue' down-right diagonal at 1:55, to great effect. This usage of that note, and its inverse, is definitely becoming more popular, and I think this map is a great demonstration on how it can work well. As a whole, there were just some really fun angles that aren't used very often, but that were set up well and felt great to hit.

The 360 difficulty is very well designed. I have a decent amount of play space, but I am wired up with my Rift S, so I can be hesitant to try 360 maps in fear of getting tangled. However, the mapper really respected these constraints. You never get truly turned around. There are walls in place to guide you through more dramatic transitions, and all everything was small and subtle enough to slowly push you along in intervals. However, the part at 1:00 was slightly disorienting, as it was rather quick and jumpy.

That said, the map stands as a really solid low-expert+ map, that has a good amount of challenge if players choose to push for mastery. The lights are great and compliment the music and the map as a whole. If you're looking for a fun map that offers a great 360 alternative, then this is a good one for you! Thanks for the great map, Pixelguy!

Mapper: Pixelguy

Hi, I gotta make this quick. Yes it’s Reol again, no I’m not a weeb.
Oh btw, this song gets copyright claimed immediately, so spare yourself the effort and don’t try recording this at all ;).

preview on streamable because of copyright:

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