Too Much Time On My Hands – Styx

Difficulties Expert
330 6
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Mapper: techbutterfly

In another year, this awesome song will be 40 years old! That’s right, it’s Styx’ 1981 classic, Too Much Time On My Hands!

This is a quickie map, so there’s just Expert Standard, 90, and 360 levels (they’re all basically the same level, just in straight, wedge, and circle versions).

Big thanks to my Maybeemae and MP for playtesting!

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  1. GamingPC_1 says:

    Hi, techbutterfly! I know you hear this a lot, but your maps are absolutely outstanding! And they’re consistently and dependably great – if I see a new map of yours show up, I don’t have to play it to know it’s going to be awesome!

    Don’t know if you take requests, but since you’re obviously a Styx fan, I hope you can map more of their songs. Given the nature of the world today, “Rockin’ the Paradise” and “Blue Collar Man” would be both fun and appropriate. Others that I’d love to see mapped would be “Why Me”, “Great White Hope”, “Queen of Spades”, “Born for Adventure”, and coming back to Paradise Theater, “Lonely People”. If you really wanna go back, consider their first hit, “Lady”.

    Regardless, anything you do will be my next download. I’m about to download “Takin’ It To The Streets” now! Thanks for your maps!

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