Loki (Taehan) – Wizard’s Tower

Difficulties Expert+
18 3
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Mapper: bagusnl

one haaaaaaand (not all one hand but you get the idea)

BPM: 175
NJS: 20
NPS: 5.86

This map takes longer than I anticipated but I like how it turns out. Massive thanks to everyone that helps me getting this done
– Light Ai (NJS and offset)
– LemoNade, Rise, MineConerTalha, ejiejidayo (testing and suggestion)
– Pyrowarfare, cccomradekatyusha, layanmeta (suggestion)
– Tempex, SimplyMakeIt (testing)

Note: reuploaded because dumb audio mistake

If you found any mistake that I missed, or any suggestions to improve my next map, hit me up on Discord bagusnl#2938

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