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Internet Moms:  the sad story of lost Beat Saber talent

Internet Moms is a map created by the user airstrike42; if you check his BeatSaver page, you’ll see he hasn’t posted any maps since last August.  It’s a shame, because this map shows a lot of unique patterns that even veteran mappers seldom use.

Internet Moms is supposed to be kinda memey considering the intro, but turns out that song is actually kinda a banger.  Airstrike’s main pattern throughout the song is variations of you raising your hands into a dual crossover.  He mixes the core pattern over and over to the point where it never feels repetitive.  Whenever a new instrument enters the mix, the pattern changes to a completely new one.  However, some of these new sections have awkward transitions which makes the rhythm feel awkward; because of that, I’m deducting one point from rhythm and one from level design.  There’s also a more intense section later into the song that uses a lot of staggered notes that is interesting in concept, but it’s extremely difficult to see past the notes.  On top of that, the pattern itself requires you to quickly reset your sabers’ position to hit it.  For that, I’m deducting a point from readability and pattern quality.  Airstrike also uses a technique throughout this map that’s really cool.  He uses “invisible notes” throughout the song that keep the flow of a pattern but also make it easier to read.  Very surprised to see that more mappers don’t utilize it.

Overall, Internet Moms is a very fun map with interesting crossovers and mapping techniques that is only flawed by a couple of transitions and patterns.

Mapper: airstrike42

Hey there Internet Moms! Join other Moms On The Net™ by downloading this track through the power of Cyberspace to the comfort of your own home computer for use in “Virtual Reality” software! This track is my third one, and comes in Easy, Hard, Expert, and Expert+ difficulties. Requires Windows 95 or better.

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