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Platinum Disco (Short Ver.) [Nisemonogatari Opening 3]

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This super smooth map is perfectly in-tune with the music, and has some very well-utilised patterns.

If you've ever spoken with me about mapping, you'll know that ETAN is one of my favourite mappers. His maps were the ones that really pushed me to start my own mapping journey, and they continue to be a really big inspiration in what I would like my style to one day be. With that said, let's commence this well-deserved, but ever so slightly biased, review!

One of the things I love the most about this map is how the mapper manages to utilise emphasis in its patterns. It's not just 'big noise = two notes'. It's in the way the notes are spaced between each other, how the dot notes consistently highlight certain different sounds, and how the doubles and stacks evolve throughout sections of the music. It all works together to draw you into the music and give you the impression that you are truly playing along, not just hitting notes with a song in the background that happens to have the same rhythm.

The patterns themselves flow very well, and I appreciated the balance between up/down and side/side motions. The repetition within the patterns and the map as a whole was used well to build up both the music and the map; it never got stale, but it did help to create more of an impact, and highlight the song, when the patterns changed.

The lights in this map are solid and compliment the experience without becoming the sole focus. The walls in the expert difficulty were used well to create a bit more movement. Altogether, I'm super happy to be able to curate this map and recommend it to anyone that wants to add an excellently designed map to their collection! Well done, ETAN!

Mapper: ETAN

Play my map or i’m gonna be platinum mad

The song is a short edit I made of the full version:
– removed the second verse
– shortened the breakdown into the final chorus

“Platinum Disco” was performed by imouto, Tsukihi Araragi (CV: Yuka Iguchi)

BPM 117 |

thx as always


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  1. omp199 says:

    I am trying to install mods manually, because ModAssistant isn’t working for me. What mods do I need to install to play this song?

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