[Ranked] Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling (Isqa Remix)

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
854 218
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Mapper: FatBeanzoop


thanks muffn for helping me, thanks duh for timing a few notes, and Zeroz for doing some sick lights

thanks to Burchase for letting me remap his old version, i actually love it so much and it inspired me to make this, it was one of the first fast little maps I really enjoyed playing back in 2018 so I reccommend going back and trying that as it’s a timeless map to me: https://beatsaver.com/beatmap/e59

ty zeroz and Marv for the great mods, and to all the testers for this every version of this map, the people who gave great feedback for the final version tested were Duh Hello, Gaelican, Xywin, Spiza and Atamik :D.

I want to rank this, so if you have feedback good or bad feel free to send it to me @FatBeanzoop#0401

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