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Mapper: epix fusion

– V2 of Paid My Dues! –
*** Here it is, my first full spread! I’m new to making spreads, so it might not be similar to others, but I tried my best. It’s also the second version of my old Paid My Dues map, which people still play frequently – which is the main reason I remade it. I hope you all enjoy! ***

I’m only just now realizing that there’s an invisible note at the very beginning of the Expert+ map that’s basically impossible to cut. It’s too late for me to reupload, so… I guess the Expert+ difficulty can’t be FC’ed.

Thank you for playing my map! Find all of my maps here – https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5da8f74cc216d40006bdfc56

View gameplay of this map here (Expert+) –


Check out my YT channel if you’d like to see gameplay of my other Beat Saber maps! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSyawzBai6R1UYJgBhYzFpQ

Notice an issue with the map, or would like to provide other feedback or suggestions? Contact me via Discord at Heist#6604.

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Comments (3)
  1. Played it too (1080p, 90 FOV)

  2. Eman816 says:

    just made a video about it as well. I play it in expert+


  3. HankDeTank05 says:

    Here is a video of me playing this map on Expert+ difficulty https://youtu.be/4ySm3XuVYkI

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