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DJ S3RL – Bass Slut

Difficulties Expert
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Expert Only

This is a chart that is a bit confusing at times and possibly over uses double hits, but is still rather fun in general. Be warned though, it requires stamina; it's a bit over 5 minutes long!

As a whole, this chart is pretty fun to play and I do find myself going to it pretty often. It is high-energy and just makes you want to dance. All of the hits are perfectly on beat and it makes you move all over the place, all of the time.  It has tons of crossing over involved, and fully uses all 3 lanes quite often.

Despite the fun factor though, it does have a few issues. Near the start of the song around 15 seconds in, there are notes that face in odd directions; this makes it difficult to get 110s on, and it takes very specific movements to get the highest score you can get on them. This happens a few more times throughout the song; there are blocks that simply are just hard to score max on. Another thing I feel worth noting is about 20 seconds in is the very top row is utilized in a manner that may not be doable for some people. There are also occasional visibility issues due to the usage of the center row, and some very difficult walls almost a minute in to the song.

Don't let that steer you away though; this chart is still really, really fun. It may take you a few tries to pass because of the visibility problems, but it is worth it.
I would say this song is somewhere between an expert and an expert+, simply because of the length, the sheer amount of crossovers, and the heavy use of double hits.

Mapper: threekids98

Bass Slut by DJ S3RL
Extreme difficulty only – About as difficult as vanilla beatmaps
Demo –

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  1. elliotttate says:

    Fixed! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. opt says:

    The direct download link seems to be messed up.

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