YOASOBI – Yoru ni Kakeru

Difficulties Expert
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This extremely well-executed map has perfectly matched patterns and some super fun motions.

Not every map needs to reinvent the wheel, and I think this map is a perfect example of that. Choosing to create an expert difficulty was a good call; while this map could easily support a full spread, I think it shines well as an expert. Everything feels super energetic and fun, with no complex hits, and it works in this map's favour.

The patterns are solid and highlight the song perfectly, which really kept me engaged with the music. I absolutely loved the chorus. It was so much fun! The single saber pattern highlighted with doubles felt so organic and fluid. I also really loved the reset; it was at a comfortable enough distance to easily respond to, and as it was the only one, it really brought attention to that part of the song. It was very tasteful.

I wasn't quite sure what was up with the walls at 1:45+, especially the one random crouch. It wasn't super detrimental, although I would have preferred more notes. The rest of the level design was fine, although it wasn't really the highlight of the experience. The lights were relatively simple, but still complimented the song and notes.

I really love this map. It's made its way onto my favourites list, and I can see myself playing it everyday as a warm-up. It's super fun, and really well done. Thanks for the great map, Dack!

Mapper: Dack


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dack731

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  1. AncientMecha says:

    You know, I appreciated the wall intermission, I needed a breather right about there and the break let me finish strong.

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