Cash Cash – Overtime

Difficulties Expert+
91 6
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Mapper: Pink

My second map!

Gameplay –

The difficulty is in between Expert and Expert+ if you’re basing it off of the OST levels, it’s designed to have more of a dancy feel than be difficult.
The ending has horizontal streams which you need to learn if you cant do them first time, they’re needed to make the ending section fun.
Some of the walls will be placed on the right hand side, with a gap that allows you to either move left or duck. This is done so you can, like the lyrics say, ‘Get Down’, ‘Get up again’ or ‘Come on’ and ‘Move’.
I Only made one difficulty this time since down mapping to Expert and Hard just wasn’t fun when I was attempting to do it, so I stopped.
DM me (Pink#3877) if you’d like to give feedback or need to talk about anything mapping related!

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