NEXUS (Promare)

Difficulties Expert+
61 13
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Mapper: Carbonights

From the Promare OST, a song about how the heroes and the villains aren’t so different after all.

This is my first map and it’s a little different. There are numerous points where the mapping changes from drums to melody, to vocals and features various single saber sections and mirrored sections. This is intended to be a thematic map and may trip you up if you’re looking for patterns.

Colors are the bright pink of Lio’s flames and icey blue of the firefighting tech.

Expert+ due to some tricky maneuvers and note jump speed, but generally on the easier side.

I’m looking for feedback on my first map, so if you experience anything awkward or unenjoyable please let me know.

My discord is Teez#8430 if you have any feedback.

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