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A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton)

Difficulties Expert
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Reviewed Expert:

It’s hard to play this song and not do the “Terry Crews head bop" to the string part

I really didn’t expect this song to work so well in Beat Saber, but wow! Peepers hit a home run with this one! It’s my new favorite guilty pleasure song in Beat Saber right now. :-)

The only really negative thing I can say about the map is that it’s Expert only and may be too hard for some who are just coming into “Expert" difficulty. The patterns flow really well and they are just a lot of fun if you can pull them off perfectly. There’s no real visibility issues other than the amount of notes at one time if you aren’t fast enough at “sight-reading” yet.

Anyway, A Thousand Miles is a must play and one that you’ll probably be replaying quite a few times!

Mapper: Peepers

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, expert difficulty only, full custom lighting.


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