Light Ai

Kano – Houkago Stride

Difficulties Expert+
32 5
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Mapper: Light Ai

This is literally an early/mid 2019 jump map. It was for a collab back then but it never got finished because of someone else. I’ve only fixed up the triangles basically, haven’t touched anything else. It’s jump heavy and basically a Suki Suki zecchoushou v2 if you’ve been waiting for something like that!
(reuploaded cus i left something in i didn’t want to and i removed the cover edit cause i don’t feel like keeping it)

Lights done with Loloppe autolighter.

Old Stride (Ex+)
1846 notes
21 njs
0.1 offset

If you have feedback or just want to talk: Light Ai#3939 on discord.

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