Bocca della Verita (Sou cover) w/ CHROMA Lights

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Pyrowarfare

Bocca della Verita, or ‘Mouth of Truth’ in Italian, is a recent Vocaloid song released by Hiiragi Kirai. It is his 9th song, and this is also my 9th map, so I think it worked out pretty well! This version in particular is my favourite rendition of the track; it’s a cover by the artist Sou. It was definitely a challenging map to do, especially when I did not expect it to be. However, I’m extremely happy with how it has come out, so I hope you enjoy!

Extra special thanks to TranquillizeMe for his fantastic Expert+(+) difficulty! Make sure you check him out if you like his difficulty:

These are very challenging maps! Expert is slightly slower, but has much simpler patterns.
Expert: 5.26 NPS, 8.5 Peak NPS, 17 NJS, 1064 Notes
Expert+: 5.43 NPS, 11.33 Peak NPS, 19 NJS, 1100 Notes
Tranq’s E++: 6.97 NPS, Peak 12.77 NPS, 22 NJS, 1410 Notes

The expert and expert+ difficulties, as well as the chroma lighting, were mapped by Pyrowarfare#1032.

Thanks to Fruhead, Shad, The Captain, and Eradawn for the playtests.

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