dark cat – BUBBLE TEA (feat. juu & cinders)

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This map has some really creative patterns, and excellent level design, that really captures the song in a super enjoyable way.

I was able to playtest this map while it was still in development. Even after only one playthrough, it really stuck with me; given my terrible memory, that's pretty rare. I'm super happy to be able to recommended this map to anyone, as I've found it really does stand out from the crowd!

The level design in this map is extremely well done. It's nice to see walls and bombs used to accentuate different sounds within the song, without having them there for every single noise. It really makes the times they are used stand out. The lights, as well, really work to highlight the music and are well crafted.

On a similar note, I'm a huge fan of how officialMECH utilises dot notes. All too often, I find dot notes can be misused and create issues with flow. However, this mapper has really managed to master weaving them into their patterns, and uses them to highlight certain sounds. It's a great touch.

As a whole, the patterns are fantastic. This map gains its difficulty in some complex hits, with lots of crossovers, jumps, and angles. However, the challenge feels well-balanced; it's not enough to knock you out of the map, but it does keep you coming back as you try and master some of those more difficult hits. Thanks for the great map, officialMECH!

Mapper: officialMECH

A quirky song from the self-appropriated pioneer of “catstep”, which features an apt depiction of a true, genuine proclamation of love and all the feelings of sunshine and butterflies associated with it. The patterns aim to encapsulate the delicately-crafted compositions and all around feel-good attitude of the track. Enjoy!

BPM: 160
Length: 2:36
All Standard Difficulties

Pyrowarfare – Tester (Normal, Hard, Expert)
shad – Tester (Expert+)

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