Alan Walker – Spectre

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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If you're looking for an energetic EDM map with fun patterns and a great beat, this map is worth checking out!

This map has a little something for everyone, with a full spread to reach the majority of the playerbase. Every difficulty feels appropriately mapped with the right amount of challenge, while not being daunting to players in the lower range of their respective difficulty.

The sense of rhythm in this map is fantastic. I'm a huge fan of how the mapper manages to build up the intensity of the map while following extremely similar sounds; it feels natural, like each swing of your saber is directly influencing the song. The patterns fit in well within that theme, slowly growing more and more complex as the music reaches its peak.

I also really appreciate the effort that went into the lighting. It really compliments the map without becoming the sole focus, and it works well to improve the experience. Well done, WeldonWen!

Mapper: WeldonWen

“Spectre”, Alan Walker’s second most popular NoCopyrightSounds track.
This is a remap of my very first map. Since a lot of people still like this track and want a proper map of it in Beat Saber, I decided to remap this track following the latest mapping standards.

Easy : NPS 1.23 | NJS 10
Normal : NPS 2.00 | NJS 10
Hard : NPS 3.28 | NJS 13
Expert : NPS 4.44 | NJS 16
Expert+ : NPS 5.41 | NJS 19


Shout out to the following play-testers who play-tested my map:

Feel free to make your own map for this track.

Original map:

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  1. Varg says:

    expert+ is great

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