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TXT – Run Away (Japanese vers.)

Difficulties Expert+
140 4
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This map offers some super fun, dancey patterns that really highlight the song and give you a great, high-movement experience.

The patterns in this map really line up well with the intensity of the music, and it really sucks you into the experience. While it's definitely on the lower end of expert+, it still presents a fun challenge for most players without being daunting.  The only downside were some of the face blocks, like at 1:30, which did slightly reduce readability at times; it disturbed the flow of the map when I had to compensate with quick arm movements after slashing the vision blocking notes.

The lights in this map really highlight the music and are very well-done. I'm also a huge fan of groove walls used well, and I think this map really utilises them to their full potential.

If you're looking for a fun, dancey map with a lot of flare, this is the one for you! Great job, noxn.

Mapper: noxn

I could not do this one without my wonderful friend todai aka waterbearsinspace aka one of the best kpop mappers aka gold star wearer of the kpop discord aka essay writer extraordinaire. I also could not do this without my playtester friends turnersgal85 and llekel. love yall

im sorry for my other run away map but this ones better okay

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discord: joey#2275 || Shortest survey you’ll ever take (same form for all of my maps):

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