DJ Myosuke – Destiny of the Speed

Difficulties Expert+
9 4

Mapper: mynamesnotsteve

A few weeks back Soba`s openly asked for a collab to rank this song, and I obliged. The whole ranking goal kinda fell through cause people are getting sick of the slider brrrrrrt meta, and nobody would really want it.

Regardless, the pressure of being in a collab actually gave me the motivation to finish something (ty sobas), so here’s what would have been my difficulty.

Chances are not many people will enjoy it but I kinda like it so whatever

— Stats —
Length: 2:41
Notes/Sec: 9.37
BPM: 180
Bombs: 16
Walls: 14
Lighting: Lolighter, 6245 events

Any issues with the upload, or ***constructive*** criticism message me on discord – NotSteve#8374

Yes I know that pattern at 11 seconds in is ridiculous but again I kinda like it

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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